Publié par : mangrooveparty | décembre 14, 2011

Mangroove best picks of 2011

Top Compilation :
1. Quantic best of
2. BBE 15: 15 Years Of Real Music For Real People
3. Black Feeling (Freestyle records)
4. The Magic Touche by Payz Play supa Dj’s
5. Secret Revolutionary Mixtape by Jah Faith
6. My Favorite Thing Mix By The Funk League

Top Electro-Swing
1. Jfb : Social Know How
1. Incontrol : baton rouge
3. Kid Kasino : cool down papa
4. Smokey Joe and the Kid : zazou

Top World Beat
1. Quantic y Su Conjunto Los Miticos del Ritmo – Hip Hop en Cumbia

3. Wanlov The Kubolor : African Gypsy

4. Seu Jorge : Músicas Para Churrascor

5. Afrodizz : From Outer Space

Top Reggae :
1. No Doubt Riddim 2011

Top Jazz :
1. Kokato : All about jazz (Buyu Germany records)
2. Renegades of Jazz: hip the jive


4. Raphael Gualazzi : Reality and Fantasy



  1. Quelques bons trucs que j’ai écoutés cette année :

    Charles Bradley No time for dreaming
    Father’s Children : Who’s gonna save the world
    Joni Haastrup : Wake up your mind
    Darondo : Listen to my song – the music city sessions
    Oil a nova musica brasileira ! (Mais um discos)
    Bossa nova : The rise of Brazilian music in the 1960s (Soul jazz records)
    Brazil Bossa Beat : Bossa nova and the story of Elenco records Brazil (Soul jazz records)
    Motown’s Mowest Story 1971-73 : Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love
    Black Feeling vol.2 (Freestyle records)
    Kashmere Stage Band : Texas Thunder Soul (1968-1974)
    Norman Jay MBE Good times – 30th anniversary edition
    Bossa jazz : The bird of hard bossa, samba jazz 1962-73
    Kid Creole and the Coconuts I wake up screaming

    3 compilations sorties en 2010 que j’ai beaucoup écoutées :

    Tom Moulton remixes : Philly Re-Grooved
    Dimitri From Paris: Get down with the Philly sound
    Windy City Soul : Smooth 70s Soul from Chicago


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